Barcelona 2009

Birds A_Lighting

video installation by Philipp GEIST

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Barcelona at Art Space EL ESCAPARATE
BIRDS A_LIGHTING Installation by Philipp Geist
at EL ESCAPARATE / Barcelona El Born, in Carrer Cotoners number 8
Dates: 18. June - 5. July
Opening: 18. June 2009 + Live Video Performance
19. June 10 - 13h / 17h - 21h 20. June 20 - 23h + Live Performance

BIRDS A_LIGHTING by Philipp Geist

The Berlin-based artist Philipp Geist (1976) will show his installation 'Birds A_Lighting' at the art space EL ESCAPARATE. In his concept he projects directly on origami cranes and paper structures. The birds are being transformed and animated by images alternating between purist, poetic, dreamlike and intangibly fragile compositions. The result is an interplay between the fragile traditional Japanese craft and his video works. This combination of still and moving elements creates suspense, as well as the arrangement of the static and geometrical birds that partly dissolve into heaps of paper. Thus, an interplay between planned and exact structures and coincidental chaos is being created. His live performance at the opening on 18 Jun 2009 will be followed by a window installation including photo works.

Philipp Geist,

born in Witten in 1976, grew up in Weilheim and moved to Berlin in 1999. As an artist and autodidact, he works internationally with the mediums video installation, audio/ visual performance, painting and photography, e.g. 2002: opening of the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich | 2004: Sonar Festival, Barcelona; Mutek Festival, Montreal; Dissonanze Festival, Rome | 2005: facade installation, Zurich; Neue Nationalgalerie, Salon Noir, Berlin | 2007: Riverine video installation, Three Walls Gallery, Chicago| video installation Time Lines Palazzo delle Esposizioni,Rome | 2008: Time Fades, Kulturforum Berlin; Broken Time Lines, Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop | Bucharest, Riverine video installation and photoworks | Lighting Times, Museum Weilheim | Australia, Melbourne Urban Screens - Riverine Screening | Harmating Galerie Ruf - photoworks | Vienna, white8 Gallery soloexhibition photo works & videostills | Ahrenshoop Neues Kunsthaus Riverine Zones Connected Installation | Bucharest outdoor video installation | 2009 Zagreus Projekt | Reutlingen Sonic Vision I Geneva Outdoor Video Installation Palais Eynard, Parc des Bastions

Further projects are characterized by their complexity and the integration of the location, the sound and moving images.

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