Berlin Deutsch Hirtorisches Museum/ German Historical Museum 2015

Mapping/ Light Art Installation
by Philipp GEIST
at Schlüterhof Berlin
05. June 2015


Philipp_Geist_DHM_Schlüterhof_050615 c from Philipp Geist | Videogeist on Vimeo.

On the occasion of the UniCredit Champions League Event at the German
Historical Museum in Berlin and the 25 Year anniversary of the German
reunification the Berlin based artist Philipp Geist develops a site-specific light
art installation on the facade at the Schlüterhof. In his light art installation
Philipp Geist interprets the themes of the history of the German reunification
and the themes of time, freedom and peace in a poetic and artistic way. The
installation is not narrative but evokes poetically the young history of the unit of
Europe. Geist lets symbols and historical photos come alive by integrating them
into his artworks. He avoids using canvases and projects directly on parts of the
facade at the Schlüterhof. Words in different European languages about the
history of the reunification, the fall of the Berlin Wall, of time and peace are
projected onto the facade. The second topic of his abstract light painting is the
Champions League which is a further symbol of a unified Europe and with the
Trophy and hymn and other football symbols in an abstract interpretation. The
Historical museum provides the perfect location for this as it shows the long
way in history up to today’s form of Europe. Thus, Geist develops a dialogue
with the location, his artistic work and the guests. In his artistic and abstract
works Philipp Geist interprets the themes in a poetic way, integrating photos as
a collages from the fall of the Berlin Wall, Trabbi Cars run one’s hand over the
facade, watchtowers collapse. A sound collage by the Italian composer Fabrizio
Nocci with recordings from different emotional impressions about the German
reunification and Champions League will be part of the installation.